Your Father Wouldn’t Get It

Back in the day, things were pretty simple for your old man.

He went to work, sat in an office, did his thing, and then went home.

Everything was about practicality and functionality. Emotions never got in the way. What he felt just didn’t matter.

And booking a meeting room? If there was a meeting scheduled or on the horizon, well, there was just no other option but to have it in the office.

Fast forward to 2018.

Over 70% of Meet In Place customers, are big corporations, that already have their own office meeting rooms.

Companies like Facebook, Wix, Sodastream, McKinsey as well as leading banks, certainly have more than a few meeting rooms available, right? This is something that your father couldn’t fathom. He’d probably say “I don’t get it. Why would someone who already has an accessible meeting room pay to have his meeting elsewhere?”

There are quite a few reasons, actually. And here are the main ones that would spin Daddy’s head around and make him think:

  1. Overbooking – sometimes, there’s simply not enough capacity to house a company’s busy day of meetings. It can happen to the best and biggest of organizations. The secretary double booked, the rooms are occupied with a series of last-minute product launch meetings, and employees and managers need to get together to delegate critical issues that demand immediate attention. The coffee shop alternative is typically viewed as convenient but unprofessional, as privacy and discretion are minimal, and the ability to share information is limited, especially when 3 or more people are involved.
  2. Under Utilization– some companies have too many meeting rooms that are barely used or maximized as an in-house resource. So, why not turn some of these meeting rooms into offices, and rent a meeting room when you need it instead?
  3. Growing Pains –  then there are some companies that are just growing too fast. While it’s a good problem to have, it’s nevertheless an issue. In fact, a range of corporations are just wiping out their meeting rooms to make room for 4-8 more employees, using Meet In Place for booking bottlenecks whenever necessary.
  4. Discretion, Privacy and Confidentiality – many meetings are better done away from prying eyes. Yup, there are lurking competitors and nosy Nancies just waiting for bait to share or expose. Whether it’s a meeting with a strategic partner, interviews for a new position, M&A discussions, or a vital board meeting, sometimes just the mere appearance of certain people can cause rumors to spread like wildfire. It’s often a better and wiser choice to meet outside the office, and just one reason for why Meet in Place rooms have drapes or blinds.
  5. Off Site Inspiration– we know now that when you change your scenery, inspiration and creativity flourish and generate great results. The thing is, many leading corporations have learned that faraway locations are unnecessary, and so is booking overpriced hotel meeting rooms, like your father used to do. The meeting room complex model provides a cost-effective price point that’s logical, defining frugality while not at the expense of quality. Your CFO is going to love you for this one.
  6. No Interruptions – your father probably won’t admit it, but most of us cannot do our best work at the office. Too many interruptions, calls, and “got a minute?” walk-ins distract us daily. Deep concentration is challenging at the office, whether we like it or not.
  7. Options – sometimes you can get by with an average meeting room sized for 6-8 people, and other times you’ll need a more spacious venue for your gathering. Some meetings are fit for traditional style and room capacity, and on occasion you may need a living room or lounge style space with a totally different vibe. One thing’s for certain, a 4K screen is always a good idea.
  8. It Just Feels Better – lots of office meeting rooms lack that certain flair to inspire us, or they just aren’t all that comfortable or fun to be in. Rooms can be too big, too small, too dark, too bright – whatever the issue, your environment affects you. And if the design’s grown old and the energy’s all wrong, solidarity and inspiration start to fade and so does meeting productivity. Why not choose the right setting and size tailored to your needs? Not only does it make perfect sense, but logic aside, the right environment also sets the appropriate tone and feeling that’ll take your meeting up a notch.
  9. No Subscriptions Required– the meeting room complex business model isn’t designed to force you into burdensome contracts with subscription fees and fine print. On the contrary, convenience is one of its winning benefits. Just pay as you go for as long as you need, and book your meeting when you’re ready.
  10. Full service experience – When you use a meeting room broker, you’re missing out on the bigger picture. Your meeting is much more meaningful than just a room and the right price. Its success comes together with a sleek 4K screen that you’ll love connecting to any device, super fast Wi-Fi with a secure connection, unique password and router designated for each room. Comfort and convenience make for smooth workflows at your fingertips, and if your meeting demands any extras or your experience any issues, wouldn’t you want friendly and fast on-site assistance accessible? When we say full service, we mean it, so having 3-4 on-premise staff as your go-to people for technical issues, drinks, stationary, and anything isn’t a luxury – it’s your right.
  11. Consistency – a great experience isn’t always enough for long-term sustainability and growth. You want to have a consistently awesome experience every time you have a meeting – and that’s totally achievable with Meet in Place, but difficult to expect from a meeting room broker. With service at the heart of its business model, a meeting room complex can promise a consistently inspiring and purposeful experience with every single meeting.
  12. Prime Location – hey, isn’t getting there half the battle? Chew on this: millions of people sign up and pay for their gym memberships but never go because the drive is a hassle, parking’s a pain and getting there takes half the time of your actual workout. Now, consider your meeting’s location. Is it easy to find and well-known, or do people have to fiddle with online searches to pinpoint the spot? What about places for a bite to eat, a break, or stroll? Is public transportation easily accessible and does it run frequently? How about nearby parking options? Is there sufficient signage to make finding the location easier? Prime locations make great impression and also relieve meeting members of stressful run-arounds and concerns. I bet your father never thought of that one, right?

And after all this, your father would probably still say: “C’mon, it’s just a meeting room! What’s the big deal?”

Truth be told, the meeting room complex vertical has ultimately created a cost-effective business model that leverages meeting productivity, your flexibility and it’s fun, convenient, easy to use and affordable.

And that’s just why we’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again – your father would never get it. But we’re pretty sure you will.

See for yourself.

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