16 Business Uses For External Meeting Rooms

The new category of external meeting rooms and offsite locations, is driven by the understanding that meetings are a major driver of teamwork – which is a critical success factor in today’s competitive business landscape.

So, what do innovative and leading organizations use external meeting rooms for?

1. Brainstorming, creativity and innovation sessions
2. Team cadence, meetings, working sessions
3. Planning: products, events, campaigns, etc.
4. Discrete job interviews and other sensitive meetings
5. Action reviews
6. Board meetings
7. Quarterly strategy / client quarterly business reviews
8. Team building / team training workshops
9. Project kickoffs
10. Customer / market research, interviews and testing
11. Investor pitch / presentations
12. Dispute resolutions
13. Contract & business negotiations
14. Webinars
15. Press briefings
16. Working with external consultants / advisers

Can you think of additional uses? Please, feel free to share!

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