5 Ways to Have a Meeting On a Busy Day in New York City

It’s a new day in the big city, and the hustle begins before your first sip of coffee. Today’s jam packed with 5 back to back meetings, each with a unique purpose that demands diverse facilities, resources, and includes a range of personalities and contacts. Be it for business or personal development, you want to make your meeting’s magic come alive in the perfect setting. So what’s the solution and what are your options?

The dynamic nature of each meeting beckons the right environment, ambiance, discretion, mandatory equipment, and dozens of factors that can make or break it. Discover 5 ways to have a meeting, the pros and cons of each meeting space, and decide which setting will take your meeting to the next level with successful results.

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The Coffee Shop: A Cup of Joe Blended With Your Daily Grind & Meetings

This universally accessible meeting spot is great for a bite and friendly chat with a friend or business contact, but the cost may not be tax deductible and coffee shops are notoriously noisy, packed & indiscrete at peak hours and sometimes around the clock. While casual, easy and used by millions, coffee shops are high traffic meeting spots, and aren’t an ideal space for full day meetings, especially if you need tech resources for a presentation, or a quiet space to focus.

The Hotel: Home Away from Home, Office Away From the Office – Or Both?

You’re on a business trip staying at the Hyatt, so what’s more logical than having your meeting at the hotel? Nothing really, but large scale hotel chains are often conservative with interior design, reflected in the vibe, look and feel and essence of the space. Booking a hotel meeting room could also warrant a minimum number of participants, and hosting just a few people could incur superfluous expenses. On the other hand, hotels are still commonly chosen as a default meeting space for the busy business traveler staying at the venue.

Shared Office & Workspace: The Perks, Pitfalls and Obligations

Networking while setting up shop for your day’s meetings at a shared work space like WeWork is a definite perk for anyone looking to grow their circle of contacts. Enjoy free Wi-Fi, kitchen facilities and refreshments, and meeting rooms all in one place. Accessible and increasing in popularity and numbers, shared workspaces often boast contemporary design that can set the right tone and mood for your meeting. Meeting rooms are generally free, but a credit balance on your membership account may be required. Plus, memberships can be subject to availability, obligations or contracts, and, at times, pricy. Open work areas for all members can be noisy, indiscrete, and full of distractions, so wager this option wisely.

Meeting Room Brokers: Variety, Minimal Distractions, But No On-Prem Service

An option for many occasions, meeting room brokers can help you snag down the perfect spot for your gathering. Brokers can book a meeting room for you that offers peace of mind and discretion, or alternatively a dynamic environment that’s buzzing with energy, equipment and refreshments. The downside is that broker’s, like Breather, lack on-premise customer service since it’s not the broker’s own property/asset, and there are zero unified standards of options and service since you’re dealing with the broker, and not the direct provider.

Best in Class: A Reputable Meeting Room Complex Operator For Any Meeting

When it comes to getting top of the line service, facilities, a stunning space with diverse inspirational designs, and discretion per your needs, your best bet is to rent a meeting room from a leading room complex operator, like Meet in Place. Reliable and convenient, Meet in Place is perfect for any occasion, with on-premise personal, serviceable attendants, standardized levels of customer service and experience, pay as you go payment model, and endless benefits. And while not as widely available or familiar to the public, Meet in Place’s current volume of customers is growing and has become vast and fast moving in the heart of New York.

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