6 Power Questions for Managers

As a manager, one of your most important tasks is keeping things productive. These are the six questions you must ask if you really want to see results:

  1. Where do you do your most creative work: at the office or outside the office?
  2. When do your employees better respect the costs of meetings and the value of your time: at the office or at an offsite location, where you’re paying by the hour?
  3. Do you think most people appreciate personal support service, including options for ordering food, tech support and cleaning services – BEFORE the need arises?
  4. In your opinion, how many people consider flexibility in booking – being able to change meeting room size (from small to large) and type (e.g. from formal to informal) a priority?
    Of course, prior to them having to make a last minute change.
  5. Can you recall an internal strategy meeting or QBR at the office, where not one participant was browsing social media and there were no interruptions?
  6. Do you think people go for functional or colorful meeting rooms, or do they appreciate beautiful, clean design with a Scandinavian chic?