8 Critical Tips For Planing Your Next Offsite Meeting

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    1. Dazzling design is no longer a luxury
      Contemporary design at your selected venue should infuse the space with positive energy and inspiration that captivates employees and team members. Acoustics, lighting, ergonomics and all of the commodious trimmings we call the “cushy stuff” can make all the difference for a smooth and streamlined meeting workflow.
    2. Value for money
      Great facilities are necessary, but they need not cost you an arm and a leg.Hotels provide a full-service experience, while also offering a touch of style and class with their high-end design. However, the expense can be extravagant and costly.
      Focus on venues that offer you cost levels of $70-$150 without compromising on the other aspects detailed below.
    3. Variety in room types and sizes
      Do you need a “living room” type room, with comfortable sofas and couches? Or perhaps you’d prefer a classic meeting room? What size of room do you need: for 6 people? 10? 18? 30? Make sure that the facilities you select offer a great variety of types and sizes to suit your needs and requirements.
    4. Flexibility
      You may want to begin some offsites with an informal gathering, and then switch into work-mode, dividing the group into small thinking teams. Later, gathering the whole group together again, in a large room. Be certain that your selected venue can offer this flexibility.
    5. On-site support
      What happens if you don’t have the right connectors? Or if you want to print or need help connecting to the Wi-Fi? You won’t have time to waste on these small tasks so make sure there is a staff onsite to provide you with all the tech support you might need.
    6. Service orientation
      Choose a meeting venue with rooms that are available 16 hours a day and can be booked up to 30 minutes in advance (for example, in case last minute changes are in order).
      A tip: If you can’t book it online – and fast – it’s a good indicator that your venue provider is not focused on giving you the ultimate meeting room experience.
    7. Refreshments
      Nutritious food and drinks can do wonders to keep your team focused and energized. Freshly squeezed orange juice, dried fruit and goji berries can sometime make all the difference. Starbucks coffee, a selection of teas, club soda and cold water should also be available as part of the amenities.
    8. Prime location
      When choosing a venue, consider where your employees will be coming from and how they will be getting to the venue.
      If you offer alcohol, it would be a good idea to make sure public transportation is available.
      Offices located near popular subway stations are advisable.

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