Top CEOs Have Stopped Using Hotel Meeting Rooms. What Do They Do Instead?

It’s inevitable when you’re running a business while on the road that you’ll be having meetings out of the office, and maybe even in towns or cities that are unfamiliar to you.

However, being away from your headquarters doesn’t mean you should skimp on your professional image. As you meet and greet with potential clients, investors and partners, it’s important to present yourself and your company in the most business-like manner. For this reason (and a few others) top CEOs are foregoing the hotel room meeting rooms and opting for more professional, modern venues.

They’re Lacking in Personality

It’s hard to woo a client or potential partner in a space that lacks character and personality. The appearance of a meeting area can affect the appearance of your company and heavy, giant oak tables in beige rooms read stuffy and boring. It’s an easy way for a fantastic pitch to lose its pizazz, which would be a waste of your time and efforts – plus cost you money.

They Don’t Show You Care

Every business meeting should be important to your company, so you should be putting the effort and time into making it meaningful for all participants. Having important business discussions in a hotel gives the impression that you don’t have time to put the effort in for your meeting members. Instead of feeling special and like a valuable player in the future of your company, clients feel like you’ve barely squeezed them into your schedule and are ready to just move on to the next part of your agenda.

They’re Ultimately Unprofessional

At the end of the day, you are trying to run, represent and recruit support for your business. You want clients, investors, partners and any other important players to see that you take your business management seriously and are committed to creating the best environment possible for them to be a part of. Hotel meeting rooms, unfortunately, have become outdated and no longer scream professional.

The Modern Day Solutions

In this high-tech generation, there are other ways to conduct meetings. It is fairly easy these days to arrange a video conference call which while convenient can still be somewhat impersonal, overly formal and is reliant on good data connection which may be hard when travelling. Plus, if you’re prepared to travel and be on location for a meeting, then the meeting should be in person, so while technology offers some solutions it’s not everything.

The Best Choice for Professionals

The fact is, nothing beats doing business face-to-face and that’s why the in-person meet up will never truly go out of fashion. Instead, meeting rooms – just like office spaces – are improving with the times. The best option for traveling CEOs these days is to find a meeting room complex, such as Meet in Place, where you can host your guests professionally. Being able to offer your guests small comforts, like fresh tea or coffee, gives you the power to welcome and impress your meeting partners. What’s more, you’ll all enjoy the benefits of a well-designed, fully-equipped space with reliable high-speed wifi. It’s the next best thing to a meeting in your very own office, which is why successful business CEOs are making the switch to convenient, stylish meeting room complexes.

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