Co-Meeting Spaces – the New Way to Hold Meetings

We’ve all heard about a co-working spaces, but have you heard about a co-meeting spaces?

Until recently, meeting rooms were not a point of focus for businesses. At most co-working spaces, the meeting rooms are part of the package, included for members to use for a certain amount of hours per month. At hotels the meeting rooms are certainly not the main business, and their prices are certainly not for the faint of heart.

External meeting room brokers, for example, Breather, have realized this opportunity to become the “AirBnB” of meeting rooms. They offer a variety of meeting rooms scattered around town, and each client receives a punch code to enter the room.

But none of these are co-meeting spaces. A co-meeting space is where several meeting rooms, typically 12 or more, are situated together in one venue. This enables the venue operator to offer on-site attendants, similar to a hotel reception desk; on site tech support, in case, for example, you find it hard to connect to the 4K screens; and of course, cleaning services.

There are 4 major differences between Co-Working and Co-Meeting Spaces:

The customers

Another major difference between co-working spaces and co-meeting spaces is the type of customers each attracts: while at the former, 80% of the customers are freelancers and startups, at co-meeting spaces, 80% of the customers are corporations and large firms: banks, consulting companies, FMCG, tech, major law firms.
Co-meeting spaces offer uninterrupted, private, fully serviced meeting spaces, at relatively low costs, typically starting from $80 per hour of meeting time.

The design

A different type of customers, calls for a different type of design. While most co-working spaces are designed with graphite walls and a colorful pallet, the design in a co-meeting space will be light, brightly lit and detailed, giving it more the look and feel of a boutique hotel.
Co-meeting spaces are conveniently located in prime locations, curtains offer privacy, and the street view creates a sense of energy that’s hard to explain in words. The Scandinavian inspired interiors create an open and inviting environment, providing a pleasing and functional place to work and meet.

The business model 

A different type of customer also means a different business model. If you’re just there for a few hours of meetings, why should you pay a membership fee? Co-meeting spaces offer flexible and on-demand service where users can rent a room via an app, a phone call or a website, on an hourly basis. Simply put, it’s a hospitality model (Co-Meeting Space) vs an office model (Co-Working Space).


While at most co-working spaces meeting rooms have an open design with glass walls, to maintain the hype and sense of community they want to create in the space, co-meeting space customers are usually not there for the “community”, and they typically value their privacy.
For this reason co-meeting spaces have curtains that clients can shut when they want to have full privacy or keep open when they what to feel the energy of the space.

Meet in Place: the category trailblazer

Meet in Place is an international company – with branches in NYC, London and Tel Aviv – that invented a new concept in the competitive external meeting room space market: a co-meeting space. The company has over 1,200 clients, including, Facebook, major banks and law firms, Amazon, Google, McKenzie & Company, and others.

Each Meet in Place location has a range of rooms appealing to their customers’ various needs. There are four room categories: Salon & Grand Salon – both for informal meetings or brainstorming sessions, for 3 to 15 people. Classic Conference and Grand Conference rooms holding between 2-30 people. The room can also be set up for lectures to comfortably seat up to 50 people.

All rooms are fully equipped with the necessities required to conduct productive business meetings; the benefits include high-speed Wi-Fi, screens, projectors, phones, white boards, USBs, and coffee machines.

As a fully-serviced space, clients are offered the option to order tea, coffee, energy snacks and food packages delivered directly to any meeting room, and complimentary still & sparkling water are included with each booking. Each room also contains a personal Starbucks / Nespresso machine, so meeting participants can keep their focus.

Meet in Place offers all the necessary amenities for an impressive business meeting, including a welcoming waiting room and reception desk, with an on-site team there to assist clients. Rooms come equipped with wireless connections to 4K screens, displaying inspiring digital art provided by Niio, the premium platform for fine digital art.

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