Finding the Meeting Sweet Spot

Success in business is about balance. You know that. You are constantly balancing your time and resources to maximize your productivity.

Have you ever thought about finding balance in the way your company conducts meetings? Do you just go ahead and set meetings or do you think it through before sending a meeting invite?

Do we really need this meeting now?

Can we discuss this over email?

Why is Joe invited to the meeting – isn’t this a waste of his time?

Should we hold this meeting offsite for better focus?


Nowadays there are several options for companies that want to hold meetings offsite, but here too you need to look for the sweet spot.

 Meeting room brokers– a convenient, cheap option. But you will be getting what you pay for – not much.

Co-working space– these spaces are great for getting out of the office and networking but is that what you are looking for in an offsite company meeting where you need all participants to be focused and on top of their game?

Co-meeting space– offers convenient pay by the hour meeting room rentals, with different types and sizes of rooms all at the same location, so you can hold multiple meetings at the same time or, for continuity, return to the same venue and use a different room for a different type of meeting.  All meeting rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art audio visual meeting equipment. And, the price also includes full personal support services including tech and cleaning services.

Boutique hotel– you will be paying an arm and a leg so you can certainly expect fancy and expensive service. But, is it really necessary to pay so much when you can get boutique meeting room service elsewhere?

Luxury hotel– again, you’ll get what you pay for, but do you really need an ostentatious meeting room when there are other venues that offer the same quality of service and style at a more reasonable price?

Looking for balance while selecting the perfect meeting room for your meeting? I’m sure we can agree that the co-meeting space is the sweet spot.