From Office Manager to Office Hero in Just 1 Step

It’s 9:30am and the office is bustling.

You’re settling down to start working on a new project and you look up and take in the atmosphere of the office. Everything is how it should be – your colleagues are busy with their work and everything is functioning just as it should.

Do they realize that you got to the office an hour before they did to get everything up and running? Probably not. The coffee machine was ready for them, the copier full of paper, the printer “miraculously” running after yesterday’s malfunction (they don’t know that you stayed late waiting for the repairman), the agendas for today’s meetings have all been sent out…and the list goes on).
Being an office manager is a tireless job and let’s face it, most of the time it seems like a thankless job too.

Many office managers have told us that they love their jobs but are disheartened that for the most part most of the hard work they do goes unnoticed but when the slightest thing goes wrong, they are blamed.

This is unfortunate because it perpetuates office managers who are afraid of making mistakes. And, as we all know, if you’re afraid of making mistakes you won’t try anything new. And, when you’re tasked with making your boss look good – bringing modernity into the office is very important. It’s very difficult to be proactive at work when you are afraid of making the slightest mistake.

Everybody makes mistakes here and there and instead of worrying that you will be blamed for every little thing, take initiative and bring some new ideas into your workplace. And, don’t think that all your hard work is going unnoticed.  We can assure you that all the CEOs we’ve spoken to have had nothing but praise for their office managers, they know that you have a lot on your plates and that they couldn’t manage without you.


If you’re looking for new ways to impress your boss and to improve team performance, we can help you.  Just one small change that you can introduce to the way your company works will have a huge impact on productivity.

As office manager you already know that one of the biggest problems that companies face is meetings and not only from the stance of the meeting organizer, who in most companies is the office manger. Meetings also take a toll on the rest of the staff.
They are invited to “time wasters”, meetings that they really don’t need to participate in or meeting that really could be replaced by a couple of emails or phone calls. Everyone knows about the meeting epidemic. And, we have a solution for it.

Just think, if you take the step to get your company’s meetings running smoothly and productively, you might be hailed a hero.

Take your company’s meetings offsite – and start a revolution!

Using a co-meeting space couldn’t be easier. You can book rooms of all sizes and types online (or by app or phone if you prefer) and you can easily make changes to your bookings if necessary, almost right up to the last minute.

Meet in Place, for example, charges only by the hour and requires no membership fees, making external meetings very affordable. The room charge includes services like tech support and cleaning, and you also get excellent coffee and tea as well as cold still and sparkling water. All of these chores that you would usually be expected to take care of are all taken care of for you.

The staff at Meet in Place would love you to visit and take a tour of the premises so you can see the meeting rooms for yourself before booking. If that’s not possible you can take a 3D virtual tour of the co-meeting venue here.

Meet in Place boasts a list of well-known clients, including Facebook, SodaStream,, major banks and financial institutions, international law firms and major consulting firms, including McKinsey & Company, who feel at home at our venues,

We’ve been told by many of our clients that once they moved their meetings offsite finally productivity fell into place and the results are amazing. Once you move your meetings out you will never want to go back!