How to Inspire Your Team with Informal Offsite Meetings

Creating the right company culture is key to the success of any organization. That means developing a high-performance atmosphere that keeps the team motivated and encouraged to come up with new ideas to adapt to fast-paced, competitive markets.

Businesses have come up with all kinds of strategies to develop a positive culture. Setting up informal offsite meetings has picked up steam as a smart way to develop an enthusiastic company culture and spark creativity.

The daily grind, working in the same office, can create stagnancy in an organization. Getting outside of the main office and giving your team a change of scene can inspire creativity and promote teamwork. That is when done right. Offsite meetings can have tremendous success, but when they fail, they fail hard. Poor planning can waste time and money. Proper preparation by following a few tips will ensure that your event turns out a success and brings results.

Emphasize the team.

An offsite meeting should focus on the team. Make the day about bringing people together to come up with new ideas so you can go back to headquarters and take action. Keep in mind that participants will go into the meeting with different goals, backgrounds, personality types, and communication styles. Harness that individuality.

Pay attention to group dynamics, especially when one or two people tend to speak up more, and give the opportunity for everyone to voice their ideas in different ways. That can mean breaking into smaller groups that allow for easier discussions. You may want to set up brainstorming activities in groups of 3 or 4 before bringing everyone together. Organize activities that allow employees to also share ideas in writing. Think of ways to leverage the unique strengths of your team and encourage all to share their ideas.

Leverage technology to include remote team members.

Team members working in different parts of the world might not have the opportunity to physically attend the meeting. Rather than filling them in later, have them join remotely. Use available technology to include everyone to ensure unity in the business.

Make the offsite meeting inclusive by using conferencing technology. Schedule accordingly with remote team members and set up equipment so that everyone in the room can see and hear them. Many offsite meetings available for rent come equipped with the right technology so that everyone can contribute like video conferencing, speakers, phones, and large monitors.

Make it fun, while still staying on task.

Planning a successful offsite meeting means striking the right balance between a relaxed, and yet effective, work environment. This creates a positive, comfortable atmosphere that encourages communication and cooperation.

Offsite meeting rooms often include luxury amenities like the latest coffee machines, state-of-the-art electronics, and comfortable furniture. Allow frequent breaks so people can enjoy themselves and bond with other team members. Who knows? Downtime might lead people to come up with genuine breakthroughs. After break time, when it’s time to get down to business, people will feel refreshed and energized to work together for problem-solving and brainstorming.

With the right planning, an informal offsite meeting can lead to tremendous breakthroughs and improve coordination among team members. Make sure to plan properly by creating a relaxed, yet focused, work environment that leverages the strengths of each individual team member. Just one day could lead to fresh ideas and team building to ensure the future success of the company moving forward.


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