Looking for a meeting room that’s cheaper than a hotel?

That’s how it starts.
You’ve got someone who’s looking for a place to hold a meeting, but they soon realize that a 3-hour meeting in a hotel meeting room could set them back anywhere between $900 to $4000, before taxes.


And so, they start asking friends. Searching on Google. Asking around on social media. And they typically end up with some brokered meeting room, which is cheaper – but at a price: there are no on-site services (e.g. what if the whiteboard markers are missing?), they are typically hard to find, and it feels cheap. Maybe because it is.

The price, as they say, tells the tale: Hotels offer a luxurious experience, but are expensive. Brokered meeting rooms have a basic design and little to no service, but they are much cheaper.
The tradeoff is simple: cheap or good?

And then came the meeting room complex operator, led by Meet in Place.
Instead of brokering just one room here and one room there, (think AirBnB model), this model is about operating multiple meeting rooms at the same location. Leasing a whole floor in various prime locations, designing them to be as luxurious as boutique hotel meeting rooms, and having 12- 18 rooms per venue. Having multiple meeting rooms makes it economically feasible to have 2-3 on-site support staff. Missing any stationary, have tech issues, need some refreshments? You’ve got it.

This model breaks the tradeoff: you get a boutique hotel experience with “brokered meeting room” prices.
And quite interestingly, its customers are not the obvious “freelance” crowd.
Some of the worlds’ leading companies (yes, those that have plenty of meeting room space), have taken notice, and began using it: Facebook, Google, Amazon, McKinsey Consulting, Wix.com, several major banks, etc.

They love the ambiance, the experience, and they pay the same price as they would for some off-brand, brokered meeting room, with no on-site service.
If you’d like to experience the Meet in Room model in one of our 3 NYC venues, and understand why it’s growing in popularity, feel free to contact us. Your complimentary Starbucks coffee is waiting for you.

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