Meet in Place Opens Beautiful Meeting Space Hubs in NYC

Meet in Place, NYC’s boutique meeting room hub, has just opened three new meeting venues in the city.

Situated centrally, each of the hubs are easy to access, just a short walk from major subway stations. Meet in Place’s hubs house a collection of different styled meeting rooms, which evoke a “light but serious” atmosphere, perfect for the meeting experience.

Click on the photos below to view in gallery mode:

These meeting rooms, which are probably the most beautiful meeting spaces in NYC, have been decorated in Scandinavian inspired design. The warm décor and ergonomic furnishings, together with the state-of-the-art tech amenities and pampering extras have made Meet in Place a hit with local businesses looking for the perfect place to hold offsite meetings.

Users can choose from a selection of meeting rooms in different sizes and styles. There are smaller rooms which can be used for informal one-on-ones with a lounge feel, and larger ones for team meetings or large corporate presentations.

Meet in Place offers a great experience with meetings that are Instagram-worthy.

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