Pop Quiz: Why Do Headhunters Like To Meet At MEET IN PLACE?

Think about it for a minute.
What do headhunters value more than anything? Yes, that’s right: privacy.
And for obvious reasons, it is of utmost importance to both the candidate and the prospective employer.
So how does that connect to MEET IN PLACE?

First of all, Meet in Place is a new venture that rents meeting rooms for executives, by the hour.
Yes, just meeting rooms, with no membership fees or subscriptions. And, they are available in multiple locations in NYC, London and Tel Aviv.

Since it is for executives, it is designed with an urban boutique hospitality experience in mind, boasting collections of stylish meeting rooms.

This is great idea for any of us who want to conduct our business meeting, job interview or investor pitch in a discrete, professional setting, rather than at a co-working space, shouting over a café crowd, or paying pricey hotel fees.

And one of the most important features that guarantees discretion, is the fact that the rooms have curtains. Yes, you can simply pull the curtains shut, and sit in a beautiful, modern, “Apple style” room, sure that none of the other users of the facilities will glance into the room through the glass.
So, why do headhunters like to meet at MEET IN PLACE?
Curtains, that’s the answer.

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