The 10 Commandments Of A Perfect Meeting

Do you feel that most of the meetings you attend are a waste of time? If so, this means that your company is not “obeying” the 10 commandments of a perfect meeting.

1. The meeting must be absolutely necessary; the desired outcome cannot be achieved via telephone, digital communications, or video conferencing.

2. Only relevant people should attend the meeting. No bored / political savvy employees are allowed to attend. Small meetings are far more manageable.

3. The desired purpose must be clear: the participants must understand what needs to happen in order for the meeting to be a success, and the agenda must be followed.

4. The meeting must have a specified agenda, that is sent out at least several hours prior to the meeting, so attendees can come prepared.

5. Everyone must be focused. No social media browsing, email checking or chatting during the meeting.

6. All technical issues and presentations must be prepared and ready to run prior to the meeting.

7. The meeting must begin and end on time.

8. All participants should speak more or less equally and honestly.

9. Each participant should receive a summary as soon as possible after the meeting is adjourned.

10. All action items must be completed.

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