The 10 Meeting Sins (And How to Avoid Them)

How often have you seen people doing any of the following during a business meeting:

1. Two people talking at the same time, neither listening to the other.
2. A side-bar is formed in one part of the room, and people there are whispering.
3. People sitting there, staring into the void, day dreaming.
4. Checking their email.
5. Shopping online!
6. Browsing social media.
7. Asking the speaker to, “Just repeat the last sentence” because they have no idea what she’s talking about.
8. Sitting in silence, oblivious to what’s happening in the room
9. Wondering if they really need to be there (and why)
10. Thinking “Why wasn’t this handled over a phone call and a couple of emails?”

Welcome to the world of the 10 meeting sins.
Peter Drucker once said, “there are only two types of meetings: productive and unproductive. And if it’s not one, it’s the other”.

How can you get past the ineffectiveness, indifference, sarcasm and office politics that go hand in hand with most business meetings?
More specifically, how can you get the following:
1. Meetings that start on time
2. Only the relevant people are present
3. People who come prepared to meetings
4. People who don’t browse social media, check email or shop online
5. Everyone focusing on the issues at point
6. Meetings that end on time, and follow-up that is done properly

Sounds like a dream, or perhaps more like a fantasy?
Well, after serving over 1,200 clients, including several dozen leading companies, among them, Amazon, Facebook, and Sodastream, we know that you can get all of that, in a very simple way.

All you have to do is book an external meeting room.

How will that help?

Most of your team are unaware of the cost of a meeting. They simple don’t think about it. So, they are habitually geared towards doing the same old things, which are the aforesaid 10 meeting sins.


The fact you’re paying for the time of the meeting, is the only “nudge” they need to start seeing things YOUR WAY.
The moment that people realize that your meeting costs $100 per hour; they come on time, they come prepared, only the relevant people attend and they are focused, leaving their phones aside – they get stuff done.

So simple, so productive.
And by the way, it can be amazingly beautiful, too.

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