Your team’s been tasked with solving a problem, but for the love of anything, you just can’t come up with a solution. You’ve tried everything; you’ve had some brainstorming sessions, a couple of team meetings and you even have a team WhatsApp group so that if someone has a breakthrough you’ll be the first to know.

The deadline is approaching and everyone is getting more tense and anxious. What should you do?

Take a step back and relax.

Let your team members breath. Ask them to spend some time not thinking about the problem at all. Sometimes you need to clear your head in order to let the thoughts and ideas flow. All that tension is hindering their creativity and ability to problem solve.

Concentrate on something else

If your team is stuck, ask them to concentrate on a different task for a while. They can come back to your original problem with a fresh outlook later.

Change of scenery

Most of the time, if you want to solve a problem, all you need to do is give your team a change of scenery. Professor Kimberly Elsbach at the University of California, Davis Graduate School of Management, who studies workplace psychology has found that people are more creative and innovative when they change their environment.

One of the best ways to help increase work team productivity is to take meetings out of the office.

Offsite meetings

Offsite meetings are the perfect way to spice things up a little. Just being in a different environment sparks everyone’s creativity and changes the vibe of any meeting.

Meetings start and end on time, only imperative team members are present, and being away from the office means that there won’t be constant interruptions. The team members are less anxious and this leads to those eureka moments that just don’t happen when they’re in the office.

We call Meet in Place the “Aha moment place” because so many of our clients have told us that they’ve had “lightbulb” moments at their Meet in Place offsites.

Why not try it too? Hourly rate meeting rooms are really hot right now and this could be exactly what you need to reach your Aha Moment.

If you’re considering taking your next team meeting offsite, click here to learn more about Meet in Place’s boutique meeting rooms.

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