The Checklist: 13 Necessities Of An External Meeting Room

What are the most important requirements when selecting an external meeting room? When asked to find a meeting room, experience shows that there’s more to it than just going for the first or cheapest option. What should you look for?

1. Central location, easy to reach via subway.

2. Chic, energetic design. The “wow” factor is no longer a luxury.

3. On-site support, including cleaning services & tech assistance.

4. Curtains! Some business meetings are best kept private.

5. No interruptions. This is one of the greatest benefits of an offsite meeting.

6. Complementary, high quality coffee & drinks.

7. Convenience of ordering food during long sessions.

8. Variety in room types and sizes: formal and informal, big, medium or small. Don’t settle on a venue with less than multiple rooms.

9. Easy booking via telephone/ online/ app.

10. Flexibility to change a meeting room at an hour’s notice to accommodate last minute changes (e.g. adding / reducing number of participants, adding another meeting room).

11. Combinations in room selection e.g. begin with a session in the Grand Salon, divide group into 4 small teams in formal meeting rooms, and then reconvene for summation in a large formal meeting room.

12. Value for money. No more wasting money on hotel meeting rooms, please.

13. No membership fees.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best if you want to get the most out of your meeting.

Have a fruitful meeting!

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