Are you sustainable?

People who are committed to sustainability know that being committed to protecting the environment is not just something you do – it’s a part of who you are.

How can you tell if sustainability is one of someone’s core values?

Yaron Kopel was chief innovation, products and design officer for SodaStream International, which was acquired at the end of 2018 for US$3.2 Billion.
In that capacity, Mr. Kopel hired a world renowned designer who is committed to sustainability, Mr. Yves Behar, to help design a soda machine that helps the environment. The result:
With one reusable bottle we can save a family up to 3,000 disposable bottles every year.

SodaStream’s reusable carbonating bottles help to significantly reduce waste from store-bought bottles and cans, while simultaneously reducing the carbon footprint by up to 87% in comparison with generic PET-bottled sparkling water brands.

This commitment stood the test of time, when Mr. Kopel went on to create his new venture, Meet in Place, a network of Boutique Meeting Rooms for business meetings.

How does Meet in Place make sustainability a priority?

For starters, there is NO plastic on the premises.
Drinking water is filtered and served in glass cups; Sparkling water is created on the premises – no soda bottles to be found, anywhere.
Coffee and tea are served in china.

Moreover, the concept of “business meeting rooms on demand” is about encouraging companies not to have unutilized meeting and event spaces.
Creating an efficient use of real estate – and as with everything else we do, it is making important steps toward the worthy target of sustainability.

And not less important, Yaron believes that sustainable should also be beautiful. And this is apparent in the spaces of Meet in Place.

How can you help?

If you care about sustainability, come check us out, let the decisions makers in your company know about us and help us spread the news…