The Tradeoff is Over: Boutique Hotel Chic Meets Breather’s Pricing


Renting a meeting room?

Want that boutique hotel experience for your next meeting, but with Breather’s price tags? Here’s how to make it happen.

If you ask a group of people looking to rent a meeting space about the most critical factors to consider when making their choice, many will typically mention:

  1. Price – yes, money talks.
  2. A quality customer and overall experience.

And, most often, these individuals only really ever have 2 main options in mind: hotel meeting rooms, (preferably a chic and sleek boutique hotel), or booking a room through a broker, (like Breather). Wondering why?

Hotels provides a full-service experience, while also offering a touch of style and class with high-end design. With that, however, the expense can be extravagant and costly.

The broker companies like Breather, offer little to no on-site customer service, a basic look and feel, but a price that reflects this too.
So, if you brought the USB instead of the HDMI cable to hook the laptop up to your monitor, or you’re out of whiteboard markers – better luck next time, and tough luck for now.

And that right there, ladies and gents, is a classic example of the price versus experience conundrum – the tradeoff or compromise everyone loathes, but that most just deal with at some point when looking for a meeting space to rent: cheap or good?

Today, there’s a third option that’s emerged, bridging the ‘price versus experience’ gap that’s often challenging. It’s called Meet in Place, the leading full service meeting room complex operator providing a variety of collaborative spaces, concepts and designs for any meeting, business or personal, all in one venue.
The company’s business model is underpinned with outstanding on-site support and service, with a dedicated team attending to customers while still cost-effective and leveraging their added value in the market.

Contemporary, stunning and luxurious design at Meet in Place infuse the space with positive energy and inspiration that captivates customers. And, while definitely a sight for sore eyes, the interior look and feel also leverage productivity with just the right ambiance for focus & fun. Plus acoustics, lighting, ergonomics and each of the cushy trimmings we call “soft stuff” can make all the difference for a smooth and streamlined meeting workflow.

It’s no wonder some of the world’s biggest brands and corporations are choosing Meet in Place, with companies like Facebook, Google, McKinsey Consulting,, Sodastream and major banks enjoying the benefits.

And, why not? Get the best of both worlds: the chic boutique hotel’s cutting-edge look and winning customer experience finally meets Breather’s affordable prices, but with a brand-new business model taking your meetings to the next level.


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