8 Reasons Why Your Company Should Have an Offsite Meeting

Right now there’s a lot of talk about taking meetings offsite and how it is making huge improvements to the way that meetings are conceived in different companies and to their overall outcomes. Let’s take a look at the ways that offsite meetings can contribute to your team’s effectiveness. 

advantages of offsite

Get into Focus

Your team works hard and does a great job but they just can’t seem to get focused during meetings. It’s not easy to focus when you’re meeting on home ground. Familiar places are full of distractions; you can just pop into your office if you forget something (and get caught up in something else), attendees are tardy, colleagues habitually interrupt meetings with small questions and requests, and the noise… We all know how these meetings go. Let’s face it, if the attendees aren’t focused you just don’t see the results you want. 

A distraction-free location is just what the team needs to get them focused and ensure a productive meeting.

Spark Creativity in a New Location

If you want to see a change sometimes you need to mix things up. Take your meeting offsite if you want to spark your team’s creativity. You can’t expect them to sit in the same seats, in the same old meeting room, time after time, and come up with new creative ideas and solutions.

An offsite meeting held at a venue that will inspire your team, and that has all the amenities you need, could just be the change you are looking for. Try it. Make your offsite meeting an example of how to think out of the box and watch those ideas roll in!

offsite meeting venue

Seize the Opportunity for Team Building

Why not add value to your offsite meeting and start the day with some team building activities? Taking your team out of the office not only encourages creativity it also brings the team members closer together.

It is easier to develop informal interactions when you’re not in the workplace. Make the most of your time together out of the office to help your team bond and form connections that they will take back to the office with them.

advantages of offsite

Make the Meeting Memorable

One way to ensure a productive meeting is to make sure it is memorable. When the meeting ends the work just begins and if you can create a positive experience and make your meeting memorable you’ll get the results you are looking for. When you’re out of the office you’ll feel free to take your meeting in a different direction to what the team is used to, you might add a fun icebreaker game or an interesting guest speaker, anything that will make an impact.

By taking your meeting offsite to a cushy external meeting room venue you’ll create a memorable experience.
offsite meeting

Enjoy Quality Real Face Time

Whether your team members work in the same building or remotely they probably do a lot of their work virtually via emails, messaging or video. There’s no denying it, virtual communication greatly speeds up our day-to-day work, but nothing is as important as face-to-face communication. Use your offsite meeting as a place to address any sensitive issues or convey messages that have to be communicated face to face.

Holding an offsite meeting is the best way to get the whole team together away from the office, and it is an opportunity to build colleague relationships, which in the long run maximizes efficiency.

Take a Break from Your Normal Routine

Make your meetings more meaningful by taking the team offsite. When you make small changes to your employees’ day, like travelling to a different location and meeting in a new environment, you’ll see a burst in productivity. You can jumpstart your project just by taking your team out of their normal routine.

Mix things around, make the offsite meeting a special event (maybe add an interesting lecture, a fun team bonding activity, or a catered lunch) and you’ll see huge results.
offsite meeting venue
advantages of offsite

Make the Most of the Advanced Technology

Hold your offsite meeting in a state-of-the-art meeting facility and you will have the opportunity to enjoy the venue’s new technology, like that 55″ 4k digital screen that you couldn’t justify buying for your office.

And, you’ll be saved the hassle of having to set up and deal with the tech for the meeting.

advantages of offsite

Re-Energize Your Team with an offsite meeting

Has your team lost its mojo?

All they need is a change of scenery. Taking the team offsite will give them a chance to regroup and reboot.

Sometimes all it takes to put the wind back in our sails is to break away from our normal routine. Use this opportunity to strengthen relationships, recognize team members and encourage new and creative thinking. Holding an offsite meeting could be the change you need to re-energize your team. If you’re considering holding an offsite meeting, Meet in Place offers all the amenities you need. With chic modern meeting room facilities in London, New York and Tel Aviv, booking an offsite meeting has never been easier!

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