Until We Meet Again, Let’s Plan Getting Back To Business

By: Meet in Place content team

Until We Meet Again, let’s plan getting back to business. We want to hear from you about how we can meet your needs, and we share powerful insights – this week from a Boston Consulting Group article that looks at emerging from the crisis with a distinct advantage. 

Back to business and Meet in Place

Dear clients,

It looks like going back to business is just around the corner (finally!), and so we wanted to adjust our offering to match your current needs. 

Below are a few potential use cases – please check the boxes that are most relevant to you.

Feel free to select more than one.

*Of course assume all necessary safety measures are taken, from enhanced sanitization to temperature checks at the front desk, and from closed private rooms to increased physical space per meeting – and of course significant discounts are on offer.

I am most likely to use Meet in Place for:

For the time being, Meet in Place is focused on understanding your post Covid-19 needs, to build the right package deals that work for our clients and future clients, and to support all of us while we go back to business.

Our favorite read this week: Advantage Beyond the Crisis

History shows that after a crisis, companies that master both the transitory and the transformational response to a crisis reap long-term rewards.

In this piece from the Boston Consulting Group, the authors look at 5 ways businesses can transformationally emerge from the current crisis with a distinct advantage.

We like “Detect and discern critical shifts”, in which subtle signs – in one case Chinese road congestion levels and in another credit card spending patterns – allow companies to stay ahead of the curve. These will differ from industry to industry, but offer critical early intelligence into where opportunities lie.

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