Until We Meet Again, Let’s Spread Positivity

By: Meet in Place content team

Despite the challenges, there has been an enormous amount of positivity coming out of the tough situation we’ve all been facing over the past month or so. Humanity as a whole has banded together to fight a shared enemy in COVID-19, and the amount of free concerts, courses and other resources that we’ve seen has been phenomenal.

One of the ways this positivity has been spread is by people doing incredible things for their own community, going above and beyond what’s expected to help others. In our inspiring video of the week, we meet one such person. Andrew Sookram launched his life’s passion, his micro brewery, but was soon stopped in his tracks by corona. How he reacts – and how he feels about giving back to the community – is incredible.

With all this positivity around, is it time for back to business? As we see in our featured article from Bain & Company, the answer may very well be “yes”!

We want to hear from you, and keep building that positive momentum. Share your home office experience and tag #secondhomeMiP – others would love to see your setup, and get inspired!

A beautiful video to inspire positivity

In many ways, this has been a period of challenge and loss. It has also been a period of tremendous coming together, of support; a feeling that we’re all in this together. Filmmaker Randy Frykas applied for a grant to document his favorite small business. He didn’t get the grant (which he desperately needed), but decided to make the film anyway.

The result, “People Over Profit: A Small Business Covid-19 Documentary Short” is in equal parts inspiring, enriching and heart-warming. He documents the owner and team of Sookram’s Brewing Co. as they share their dream, are impacted by COVID-19, and how they choose to respond.

Frykas dedicated it to all the small businesses, freelance workers and artists from around the world navigating these challenging times.

How can leadership teams win in a new world?

There’s nothing more positive than an article from a leading management consulting firm titled “Back to Work”.

Bain and Company’s piece explores how companies will restart, reinvent and retool as the economy looks to exit the downturn and literally re-open for business. The in-depth article is packed with insights around what going back to work needs to look like, and where leadership priorities should be. As they put it, “Returning to work is a moment of truth for leaders and will be defined by trust”.

Something to promote positivity, from us

As it looks like WFH is here to say – we launched a new project to inspire our thinking. Meet MiP employees and check out their home-office feature recommendations.

Yiska Cornfeld, the manager at Meet in Place King William Street, London, shares her WFH setup and tips.

“Outside, spring is in full bloom. But since we are mostly indoors right now, flowers are a great way to bring that joy and fresh smell into your day (and your zoom meeting).”

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