What Can A Ballet Dancer Teach Us About Leadership?

By: Yael Shafrir, Chief Marketing Officer, Meet in Place

In our special holiday-inspired CoronaDays weekend round-up, we bring you business perspectives to help you celebrate and reflect. Until we meet again, week # 3

What can a ballet dancer teach us about leadership? What lessons on quarantine can a military spouse share with us? And what good advice can a military spouse give us? We chose to inspire you this weekend with some smart people’s experience.

1. A leadership lesson from a ballet dancer

Lessons in Agility from a Dancer Turned Professor (HBR)

What can business leaders learn from the world of ballet? Agility, for one thing. Social psychologist Professor Jennifer Jordan gives 4 ways dancing-inspired agility can be leveraged by business leaders. A dancer’s mind has to be ahead of music, planning the next move – so too should a leader have a clear vision of what they ultimately want to achieve.

Professor Jennifer Jordan gives 4 ways dancing-inspired agility can be leveraged

2. Lessons from someone who’s been there before

The Crisis Leadership Playbook (Stanford Business School)

Shut up and listen. This, and other leadership lessons, are provided by David Demarest who was White House Communications Director for President George H.W. during a period that saw the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the invasion of Panama, and the first Gulf War. He knows crisis, and he knows leadership. This piece for the Stanford Business School provides actionable lessons for today’s leader. 

3. It’s almost holidays – some uplifting lessons to share

Lessons on Surviving a Quarantine from a Military Spouse (Verily)

Easter, Passover and Ramadan are all around the corner. It’s encouraging to think that no pandemic can cancel these special times which reflect the important things in life, such as being thankful for the loved ones around us. In this uplifting – yet practical – post, military spouse Grace Emily Stark shares lessons like “As difficult as the days are now, there will come a day when you will look back on them and be proud that you made it through”. 

About the Author:

Yael Shafrir is the Chief Marketing Officer of Meet in Place, a global network of innovative meeting spaces designed for an urban boutique hospitality experience. The Meet in Place philosophy is rooted in meeting science, as every design feature and amenity offered serves a unique purpose to make meetings as productive as possible. 

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