Why the heck do we need meeting rooms anyway?

9 Reasons You Need an Off-Site Meeting Room Complex

  1. Focus

Any meeting outside the office draws more attention from participants and sets an agenda and purpose.

  1. Discretion

Work place discussions, important pitches, or high-level decision making require a level of discretion that is sometimes hard to find in office setting under the watchful eye of others. The discreteness of our clients is our top priority.

  1. Privacy

At times job interviews are better held off-site to prevent rumor or gossip that can temper with morale and productivity. Open space offices, which are now one of the dominant workplace trends, can be challenging when trying to make organizational or personnel changes. Privacy for us is another priority we strongly believe in.

  1. Collaboration

Meeting rooms promote collaboration between participants, it helps in building relationships among employees, and boosts creativity.

  1. Decision Making

Getting out of the office for meetings, brainstorming or conferences provides different and new perspectives. It makes decision making well rounded, and many times gives anyone the courage to ‘pull the trigger’ on their new understanding and views.

  1. Productivity

Open workspace raises issues of productivity. With the fertile ground it provides for exchanging ideas come challenges of remaining concentrated, staying away from peeking, walking around, being curious about what is happening at the other side of the floor etc. When everyone enters a new meeting room with a purpose can advance information sharing, and a common task.


  1. Openness

Entering a new space opens new possibilities. Outside the office feel allows more sharing of thoughts, concerns, doubts and feelings, like a class overnight trip.

  1. Professionalism

Anyone that chooses to bring their clients, investors or potential employees into a beautifully designed, full service business complex projects professionalism and seriousness that sets the right tone for any meeting and goal.

  1. Team Spirit

Bringing team members together into a new experience creates new bonds and new ideas. It alleviates stagnation, blocks with news solutions through a renewed team spirit. It can also create what Google calls, Collective IQ, that is said to be one of the most important ingredients in any team’s success.


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